Jesse Richards

Michigan is the home of the wolves on Isle Royale, the wild and spirited Lake Superior, the ancient porcupine mountains, and my home on the river, which I share with my husband, Joseph Curtin, and our beloved pup, Miko Angelo.

I have had the honor of singing, concertizing and recording with many world class musicians — a few of these gifted artists include: Mario Resto, Alyssa Northrup, Martin Simmons, Todd Perkins, Owen B, Jason Boekeloo, Aron Kaufman, Dan Kolton, Luey Resto, Peter Madcat Ruth,  Geoff Michael,  and Lori Fithian, . 


After years concertizing I wanted to explore in greater depth the spirit and core of various socio-political issues, so I began writing multi-media musicals. I have written three so far -- the next is on the way -- each exploring the spiritual, political and emotional depths of their topics through the mediums of music, dance, drama, comedy, and film. The shows have been performed in theaters, colleges, conferences, and back-alleys in both the United States and Canada. Eventually I also began singing for television, most notably Xena Warrior Princess, and on the soundtracks of movies.


My degree in Education is from University of Michigan. I am a member of N.A.T.S. -- the National Association of Teachers of Singing. During my twenty-plus years of teaching I have been privileged to work with hundreds of people privately, and at colleges, conventions, inner city centers, labor unions, institutes, and studios across the United States. My perspective on vocal training is holistic: singing involves all of you - your body, mind, emotions and spirit. I developed a program that not only builds a strong technical understanding of how to sing, but also supports students in developing emotionally, physically and spiritually. This builds confident singers, who have an inner freedom to express and explore their creativity and connection to the music. At the same time I developed a style of dance I call Earth Dance. Earth Dance brought together all the forms I had studied throughout my life. I began with African Dance -- around age 7, and dove into jazz, ballet, tap, and character. Eventually I studied martial arts, and incorporated that as well. Further courses developed naturally out of my interest in women's issues and spiritual development. The course "Your Magnificent Body" was born from my concern over the pain I saw most women struggle with regarding their relationship to their bodies. "Dancing Awake the Dream" flowed naturally from my love of the Divine Spirit and my commitment that everyone be supported (in their own unique ways) to awaken their highest selves.