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For the last several years I have been working on a show called, Safe In The World... Since so

many people are suffering and do not feel safe due to the Pandemic, I wanted to share a few

songs  from the show in case any of them may be supportive during these hard times.

love to all!

(These songs are copyrighted and are for your individual listening only. They may not be used for any other purpose without the composer's permission.)

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This Too Shall Pass

Time passes through our lives like water along the riverbank;

change is a given.



Meet Your Self


Breathing peacefully,

relaxing, being

open to the possibilities...

Let the journey begin!




May love, light, and

healing energy surround,

restore and uplift you.




You Are Loved.


A special thanks to each of the fabulous musicians playing on these songs: 

Mario Resto, Owen B., Geoff Michael, Jason Boekeloo, and Aron Kaufman.

All songs © 2019 Jesse Richards, all rights reserved