Green Band

GreenBand has songs to heal global warming,
build world and inner peace, fall in love,
have fun and loose the blues.

"I wrote GreenBand to inspire people to become active on behalf of the Earth," says Jesse Richards."We live in remarkable, pivotal times. As we face global warming, we're the ones that will make or break it on this planet. It's inspiring to see so many people around the world feel this pull and work on behalf of positive change — there is a global Green Band caravan of people working for good."

Musicians on GreenBand include:

Cellist - Abby Alwin

Bassist - Jason Boekeloo

  Guitarist - Eric Fithian

Percussionist - Lori Fithian

Bassist  - Todd Perkins

Vocalist and Guitarist - Jesse Richards

Harmonica - Peter Madcat Ruth

Vocalist - Alyssa Schreiber

Drummer - Matt Steward

Additional musicians featured include Jeremy Kittel on fiddle; Gregg Leonard on guitar; Geoff Michael on guitar and bass; David Mosher on fiddle, mandolin and vocals;

and Garry Venable on vocals.

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