Two new productions are in the works...

Safe in the World

due in     2023

Finding real safety, something that is true and unshakable within oneself, is a journey of the heart and soul...

Safe in the World explores the journey - the possibilities, the pitfalls, the humor, our endless dance with fear, our breakthroughs, and the bliss of finally coming home to our Self.

                                    Graphic Art by Magdalena Marino 

Signs of Magnificent Life

on Earth

due in    2024

Something amazing is at work in the world...

Signs of it are popping up everywhere, and in Signs of Magnificent Life on Earth we mean to sleuth it out!!

A Woman's Body

A Woman's Body celebrates women
from a multitude of angles.

"A spectacular achievement,"
says the Ann Arbor News. "A Woman's Body advocates every woman as an infinitely precious individual."

Human Nature

The call for an awakening of courage and compassion, even as it explores our capacity
for cruelty and destruction.

"So provocative, so bellicose, so laden with talent... [Human Nature] may short circuit your senses."

Ann Arbor News.

Animal Lover's Project

Animal Lovers' Project has an emotional depth and clarity of purpose seldom encountered in musical theater.


As Jesse Richards and Hundredth Monkey sing, dance and dream their way toward an understanding of animals and the human lives they touch, they take the audience on a voyage that is heartbreaking, hilarious and buoyantly uplifting.

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A special Thank You to all the members of

Hundredth Monkey and Sister Earth

for your talent, hard work, and countless

contributions to the shows!  ~ JR

Hundredth Monkey (Animal Lovers' Project):

Nikki Pinchott, Kelly Kempter, Kathy Tossas-Milligan,

Alyssa Northrop, Maia McKinney, Jodi Allen,

Montgomery "Wiggy" White Jr., Catherine Marquardt, Carolyn Broughton,

Susie Kellerman, Missy Bischoff,

Rena Diem, and guest artist, Robin Wilson

Sister Earth (A Woman's Body & Human Nature):

Paula Conner, Suzanne Willets-Brooks, Aimee Pellitier-Turner,

Amanda Stanger-Read, Stephanie Constan, Renuka Uthappa, and all the other talented dancers and performers who gave their time and talent to the shows.