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One Earth

One Earth is thirteen songs to fuel the positive momentum of those working to stop climate change and protect the earth. 

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GreenBand has songs to heal global warming, build world and inner peace, fall in love, have fun and loose the blues. Musicians include: Abby Alwin, Jason JFunk Boekeloo, Eric Fithian, Lori Fithian, Jeremy Kittel, Gregg Leonard, Geoff Michael, Dave Mosher, Todd Perkins, Jesse Richards, Peter Madcat Ruth, Alyssa Northrup, Matt Steward, Garry Venable.

For More Information: go to GreenBand


Wild Card

In Wild Card, Jesse Richards is joined by Todd Perkins on bass, guitars, and drum sequencing, Alyssa Northrop on harmonies, Peter "Madcat" Ruth on harmonica, Matthew Steward on drums, Abby Alwin on Cello and Judy Piazza and Lori Fithian on Percussion. Wild Card is filled with songs to inspire, ignite, fall in love by, and touch a bit of inner peace in these tumultuous times. From the lullaby, "Eiron's Song," to the raucous dance tune, "The People Danced," to the epic challenge "Truth and Reconciliation in the USA," the musicians bring to life Richards' wide ranging compositions and take you on an unforgettable journey to the heart.


Animal Lover's Project

CD includes songs from the hit multi media musical Animal Lover's Project, which tell stories of the rich and moving relationships between humans and animals. Featuring arrangements, and collaborations with 8 Mile's Academy Award winning composer, Luis Resto, celebrated television and film score composer Dan Kolton, Jason Boekeloo, Martin Simmons. Engineered by Big Sky's Geoff Michael and Solid Sound's Will Spencer.

For More Information go to: Animal Lover's Project


Human Nature

Is the soundtrack to Jesse's multi media musical Human Nature. Written, engineered, produced and arranged by Jesse and Jason Boekeloo. The show explores the gamut of human nature, from it's propensity to violence and fear, up through it's potential for the transcendent, loving and miraculous. Including guest artist, Peter "Madcat" Ruth.

Jesse Richards - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion

Jason Boekeloo - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass,

Percussion, Synthesizer

Peter "Madcat" Ruth - Harmonica
© 1995 Jesse Richards


A Woman's Body

In the soundtrack to Richards' musical ,

"A Woman's Body," songs celebrate

and explore women's complex

relationship to their bodies.

Engineered, produced and arranged

by Jesse Richards and Jason Boekeloo.

Jesse Richards - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion

Jason Boekeloo - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass,

Percussion, Synthesizer

John Boch - Drums
© 1993 Jesse Richards



Jesse sixth recording, Freestar, is a collaboration with Jason Boekeloo. Singing about love, animal rights, global healing and freedom. Recorded at Mike Gould's Cloud 10 studio.

Jesse Richards - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Jason Boekeloo - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass,

Percussion, Vocals

Martin Simmons - Keyboard, Synthesizer

John Boch - Drums

© 1991 Jesse Richards


Home Grown

Jesse's fifth recording, Home Grown, these basement sessions are raw, uncensored and bursting with life! Jesse on guitar and vocals, Jason joining in occasionally with bass and effects. Featured songs include "Walk Alone," "Michigan" (a tribute to Jesse's home state), "Willow" (willow's can't dance, fish never fly... or can they?)

Jesse Richards - Vocals, Guitar

Jason Boekeloo - Bass
© 1990 Jesse Richards


Waves of Freedom

Jesse's fourth recording features collaborations with Martin Simmons and Jason Boekeloo. Rich harmonies driven by Jesse's electronic vocal sampler and loop, with themes exploring politics, love, addiction, and nature. Featured artists include Jason Boekeloo, Martin Simmons, Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Tamara Perkuhn and Opwagon Andrew Schreiber. Recorded at Mike Gould's Cloud 10 studio.

Jesse Richards - Vocals, Guitar

Martin Simmons - Synthesizer, Piano, Electric Drums

Jason Boekeloo - Electric Guitar

Tamara Perkuhn - Drums

Opwagon Andrew Schrieber - conga
© 1990 Jesse Richards


Earth is Rising

Jesse's third recording features collaborations between Jesse and Jason Boekeloo, and Martin Simmons. Recorded at Mike Gould's Cloud 10 Studio and Jason's Raised Brow studio. Special favorites include, "The Raven," and, "Star Child."


To Every Heartbeat

Jesse's second release has several live cut's from her 1987 Ark performance. It was a time of national concern for farmers, and so listen for the haunting ballad "Down On the Farm". Featured artists include Jason Boekeloo, Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Aron Kauffman, Paul Sihon, Martin Simmons and David Yih.

Jesse Richards - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Jason Boekeloo - Bass, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Percussion, Vocals

Aron Kaufman - Congas, Percussion

Peter "Madcat" Ruth - Harmonica, Vocals

Paul Sihon - Tablas, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Martin Simmons - Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals

David Yih - Percussion, Vocals
© 1987 Jesse Richards


Raw Lights

Jesse's first release was recorded at Superior Sound, the recording studio of the popular duo "Trees," Lindsay Tomasic and Jesse Fitzpatric. It's ballads and love songs feature solos by musicians Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Martin Simmons, Lisa Wolf, and David Yih.

Jesse Richards - Vocals, Guitar

Peter "Madcat" Ruth - Harmonica

Martin Simmons - Keyboard, Synthesizer

Lindsay Tomasic -Bass, 12-string Guitar, Synthesizer

Lisa Wolf - Keyboard

Jesse Fitzpatric - Conga

Tom Cappaert - Cello
© 1985 Jesse Richards

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