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Past Workshops Include:

Earth Dance

Earth Dance combines many styles including Jazz, African and martial arts.
It is an exciting, energetic dance style which develops a strong sense of strength,
alignment and joy of moving.

Earth Dance reminds us we are part of nature, and that dance is a way of life -- a part of our spirituality, sexuality, work, politics, health, etc....

To bring a greater richness to our dance experience we also include chanting and song.

Dancing Awake the Dream

This workshop uses movement and sound to build a deeper connection to one's spiritual nature.
Through guided visualization, exercises in movement and sound, meditation, compelling music, and group sharing, students learn to find their own unique movement and song.
Dancing Awake the Dream supports a greater level of spiritual, emotional and physical integration.
The class is warm, welcoming and safe

Your Magnificent Body (woman reclaim)

In Your Magnificent Body women build stronger, more healthy, loving relationships with their bodies. Class includes exercise and movement, group sharing, and presentations on topics which span women's physical, political, spiritual, sociological and emotional relationships to their bodies.


Vocal-Motion combines dance and movement,
with vocalization and improvisation.

This workshop is recommended for dancers and actors who wish to strengthen and enhance their performance, and for singers who wish to increase their freedom of expression.

Vocal-motion is also recommended
as a tool for individuals:
1) creating performance pieces
or rituals to mark rites of passage,
2) for using movement and sound for
self exploration and as a healing tool,
3) it is also great for those who wish to
expand their creativity and have a lot of fun!

The Tao of Singing

THE TAO OF SINGING takes you on a rich exploration of the
multifaceted uses of voice in your life.
Information is presented in 6 weekend workshops.

Topics include:
1) An introduction to the 5 basic technical tools needed for healthy sound production.
2) Emotions - building confidence,
healing fears, and expressing oneself.
3) Developing your own unique voice
and musical style.
4) Powerful performance:
a blend of heart, talent and skill.
5) Voice as a means to heal oneself and others.
6) Voice and spiritual development and expression.

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